USS Discovery Report – May 2015

The Brexat have now boarded Discovery.  They are moving in massive numbers to key parts of the ship.  The Bridge, without power, is now host to Rajec, the spokesperson for the Brexat.  He has explained the options for Discovery’s crew: Leave or Die.  MacLaren and Katt have convinced him to call off the assault temporarily in the interest of negotiating a compromise.  Rajec is skeptical, but obliges having never seen compassion from an alien race before, though he allows them only five minutes to plead their case.  
In Engineering, Ensign Nadacic and the Marines have set themselves up to defend the core of Discovery from the assault.  Lt. Bell has sealed them in using the emergency blast doors, but when the Brexat arrive, the officers are confused as to why their progress suddenly stops, not knowing that the assault was temporarily called off.
Lt. Bell then comes across an incoming transmission from the USS Curie who has been searching for them.  With the Bridge out of power and unable to respond, he takes it upon himself to to do so.
Captain MacLaren and Lt. Katt must now convince Rajec to let them help the dying Brexat and avoid needless bloodshed aboard Discovery…
Post History:  Mar. – 48, Apr. – 25, May – 43
Respectfully Submitted,
Caleb Van Scott
CO, USS Discovery

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