USS Discovery Report – Mar. 2015

The intruder aboard Discovery has become troublesome.  With the ship’s systems still inoperative, the creature, Rajec, has caused destruction of property and loss of several crew members lives.  The search for him is in full swing with the Discovery’s Marine contingent, along with Tactical Officer Nadacic doing a deck by deck search.
Meanwhile, Lt. Bell with the help of Lt. Shralas from Science and several  others, make a breakthrough on the power problem and begin to trace a chain of failures, temporarily repairing them and beginning to restore systems to functionality one by one.
Lt. Dante, deep in the hunt for Rajec, takes it upon herself to announce the situation to the crew as well as imploring the intruder to surrender in order to avoid any more unnecessary casualties.
With the Discovery’s systems on the mend, the crew rushes to maintain order and get the ship running normally again, while Rajec’s people, The Brexat, slowly approach the Discovery in a towering yet lifeless colony ship…
Post History:  Jan. – 41, Feb. – 18, Mar. – 48
Respectfully submitted,
Caleb Van Scott
CO, USS Discovery

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