USS Discovery Monthly Report for October 2017

While meeting with the leaders of Ari-Saae, MacLaren, Katt, and Raiger find them to be uninterested in the impending Borg threat or the consequences of housing the Omega Particle on their world. Their biggest concern is being left alone. They show immediate distrust for the Federation officers and try to convince them to leave and never look back.

While they attempt to reason with the diplomats, Lieutenants Nadacic, Brull and Belita board the research facility housing Omega. They not only find the particle but also several Borg Drones that seem oblivious to their presence at first. After Lt. Belita conducts scans of the particle, something triggers the drone’s defenses. The three retreat back to the beam-out point where Discovery is able to transport them back to safety with no time to spare.

Meanwhile on the planet, things heat up, not between the Officers and the Diplomats, but the Diplomats themselves….

Behind the scenes

In lieu of our decreased numbers and low activity, we have been in negotiations with Horizon to combine our DS’s in order to build a stronger player base for both Discovery and Horizon. This combination will take place mid-November as we wrap up our current mission on Discovery. We look forward to collaborating with Horizon’s crew both on Discovery and their station. This will be a new adventure and chapter for us and we have every hope that it is for the best.

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