USS Discovery Monthly Report for September

The crew of aboard the crash-landed shuttle assess their situation planet-side and are forced to venture out into the frigid temperatures in search of the settlement the distress call they responded to originated from. Traversing the planet proves to be most difficult, given the extreme cold and the burden of carrying the injured Lt. Bell on a stretcher. Ensign Nadacic scouts the region and provides clear passage to the nearby settlement. On the way to the settlement, Lt. Bell believes to have seen something in the giant ice formations, in that they are not just that but sentient beings. He is unable to articulate this, however. The crew makes it to the settlement only to find it abandoned and lacking any power, though it does provide shelter from the elements.

Aboard Discovery, the crew continues to search out the cause of the sudden power failure with little success.

Counselor Alenis Kala continues her new assignment getting to know both Captain MacLaren and Doctor Jack Armus, the latter of which has enlisted the Counselor’s help with the unconventional task of helping him find a mate.

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