USS Discovery Monthly Report for October 2016

The confrontation on Planet Hasai has escalated. It has become clear that the Leader of the Lunari had no intentions of reaching a peaceful compromise through negotiation. He reveals to Captain MacLaren and Commander Katt that his plan all along involved the federation negotiators becoming pawns in his attempt to prove the Hasai a dangerous and hostile race, and make himself a martyr for the cause.

Meanwhile at the mine, Doctor Armus chooses to take unconscious Lt. Raiger back into the mine to await rescue, while Bartann convinces Lt. Patras that they must reach Captain MacLaren in the Capitol. On the way to the site of the negotiations, Bartann reveals to Lt. Patras the details of the Lunari plan and the Captain’s role in that. He seems to have a change of heart, seeing that the Federation are good people that do not deserve to suffer loss for the Lunari cause. The two make haste to find the Captain before it is too late.

Lt. Nadacic, Jet McCarris and a team board the USS Astir and set off to destroy the generators powering the dampening field preventing the Discovery from locating and extracting their crew on the surface. In a daring feat, Jet McCarris performs a death defying freefall stunt from the ship with his hoverboard, descending to the planet undetected. He is able to locate Armus in the mine and report back to Astir that there are still survivors under the surface of the collapsed mine that need rescue. He then supplies the Astir with the coordinates needed to destroy the generator, allowing the Captain and his team to be extracted from their captivity.

Behind the Scenes:

We’ve seen some good writing from everyone. I would like to recognize the talents of both Skylar and Richard, bringing unexpected twists to this plot and making it interesting to read and fun to participate in. Thanks, guys!

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