USS Discovery Monthly Report for May 2016

On the Resort Plant of Rexlan IV, Lt. Bell and Jet McCarris continue their investigation into the strange behavior of the vacationing crew that is resulting in the abandonment of their duties and responsibilities aboard the ship. Convinced that something foul is at play, Bell contacts Lt. Nadacic aboard the ship only to find that he, too, has noticed the same behaviors amongst the crew that is left aboard. Now involving Nadacic and Lt. Raiger in their investigation, the officers learn of a chemical agent present in the food and drink that is responsible for the crew’s behavior change.

Unknown to them who is responsible for their situation, Nadacic supplies Bell, McCarris and Raiger with an inoculation to counteract the effects of the drug in the crew’s system. They then begin to quietly inoculate as many crew as they can find, while Lt. Nadacic formulates a plan for administrating the antidote on a larger scale for the crew that are out and about.

Lt. Bell goes off in search of Captain MacLaren and Commander Katt in an attempt to bring them back into their right minds. He eventually finds Lt. Patras and inoculates her in attempt to enlist her help in getting close to Captain MacLaren to inoculate him.

Meanwhile, Ensign Alenis and Doctor Armus announce their Engagement to those in their general vicinity, obviously a result of their altered state….or is it?

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