USS Discovery Monthly Report for July 2016

The planet Hasai has been our ground to try to negotiate peace between the inhabitants of the planet and the moon. Negotiations are stalled and the crew is on their last nerves as they find their sleep disturbed by waking nightmares. As we have found out, this is a tactic by the Lunarians to throw everyone off while they launch their larger plan.

The Lunarians simultaneously struck the negotiations and the mine with the resources in question. The Federation group in the negotiations have found themselves hostages, including the Captain, XO, counselor and our unconscious security officer who was damaged in the initial explosions.

Our second group at the mine had a surprise during their tour when the Lunarians tried to take the mine. Their Hasai guide made the decision to destroy the mine rather than let the Lunarians take possession of it, leaving our doctor, pilot and science officer trapped in the upper levels of the mine.

We’re now heading into the meat of our story, where we’ll find our crew stuck in the battle on the planet, while Discovery orbits, helpless to assist through the measures that the Lunarians have instigated.

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