USS Discovery Monthly Report for April 2016

Shore leave is now in full swing for the crew of the USS Discovery. The skeleton crew aboard, lead by Lt. Nadacic, seems to be dwindling as the rotating officers begin to not report for their assigned duty shifts. On the planet below, the crew, along with Captain MacLaren, have begun to feel the full effects of paradise and have become unconcerned with their duties in lieu of taking advantage of shore leave.

Lt. Bell and Jet McCarris have taken it upon themselves to seek out other members of the crew in attempt to identify any strange experiences that could explain their own Deja Vu experiences.
Upon finding Captain MacLaren, they discovery that he, along with most of the crew, have fully embraced the lackluster lifestyle of Rexlan and aren’t concerned with the proposition that something may be amiss on the planet.

Lt. Patras, having a birds eye view of their conversation, decides to pull McCarris and Bell away from the Captain whom she notices is not acting as himself.

While the three engage in conversation concerning the strange attitudes being exhibited by the crew and Captain, Bell notices Doctor Vashic acting strangely at a nearby table and begins to converse with her. Through confused ramblings, Bell begins to realize that she may hold knowledge that could begin to explain the mystery they are just starting to unravel. He is able to decipher through the clouded words of the Doctor that not only is the world of Rexlan IV a perfect place, but it is so perfect that there is no variation. To Vashic, every day is the same and one can expect that of the next.

This conversation spurs Bell to entertain the thought that time is not as it seems and he begins to question how long they have actually been planetside despite their perception of when they first arrived.

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