Starbase Phoenix Report – Mar. 2015

On the eve of a new command team taking over at Phoenix an unforseen tragedy took hold before anyone could settle in.  Mysteriously Captain Tora Edon called a command level meeting to make introductions and get the ball rolling on his new command only to fail to show up.  Several of the senior officers, realizing something was amiss, began an investigation and soon realized the worst might have happened.  It appeared that Captain Tora had been kidnapped!
Hughes assigned each department head a part of the investigation with duties to perform.  Part of which was to halt all incoming and outgoing ships from space dock.  This unfortunately included the Axel.  Meanwhile Chak, Zoran, tr’Radaik, and Matzerath made key discoveries which lead to the conclusion that a Federation vessel with a Romulan cloaking device was the ship which was used to abduct Tora although it is as yet unclear who is the culprit.
During all this investigation the crew was strengthened by a new member, Ensign John Blaxland who is a medical doctor, came aboard and is doing his best to be useful during this crazy and hectic time.
Meanwhile, for Captain Tora, life is a living nightmare.  Being held by some gigantic alien with a penchant for causing main and torchering information out of his captives, the Captain’s only hope is a swift recovery by his crew.  How long can he last?  How much information will he reveil before the end?  Will that end be in his death or his rescue?
Post History:  Mar. 156
Active Players:  12
Commander Thomas Hughes
Executive Officer
SB Phoenix

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