SES S’Task Monthly Report for March 2016

As for us on the pointy-eared side: We have now left DFA space, crossed through Federation space and are back home within the RSE. Just before the crossover the Cromwell acted a bit suspiciously. Captain Sesgaard’s explanation for the maneuvers seemed a bit sketchy, but no formal challenge has been issued.

The DFA officers have now come aboard the S’Task and been hosted and given tours. Major Reynolds got the best deal, being treated to the best views that the S’Task has to offer. And some pleasant and witty banter in addition. No one seems to have defected (in either direction) yet at least. And no one seems to have been murdered. We hope to be able to call this a success.

And perhaps most importantly, the soon to be bride has made an appearance, helping to re-assure those on the S’Task that she does, in fact, exist. And is not being held captive.


Devon – for keeping things moving forward (as always) and for his back door intrigue.

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