SES S’Task Monthly Report for July 2016

Riov Celeste t’Pal remains a ‘guest’ of the senate sub-committee on Galae oversight, which coincidentally is chaired by Deihu (senator) tr’Santern – the son of the woman working hard to make herself the S’Task’s archnemesis. khre’Riov t’Santern is the Fleet Captain (admiral) of the DQ Fleet. And a severe pain in the ass for the command crew of the S’Task.

‘Riov’ tr’Saren has done a better than expected job as S’Task’s appointed interim CO. The command crew has done an excellent job of rallying around him and supporting him. The team work has been awe-inspiring.

Behind the scenes, several subplots are playing out. The legion has secured the Cromwell, since someone in a DFA uniform sabotaged the S’Task. And Captain Carson Sesgaard remains a ‘guest’ of the S’Task. Quite the gilded cage. He has been rather chatty with several of the crewpeople, who have nearly fallen all over themselves to spend time with him.

Young love seems to be blooming between our intrepid cadet and our helm operator, neither of whom seem all that upset that the Legion Boot Camp has been temporarily suspended, pending the return of the camp’s commandant, t’Dor.

The chief of security has chatted with captain Sesgaard about a high value slave that the Cromwell crew came into contact with.

Planetside, Ryn did some water-carrying for his girlfriend, renting a shuttle and parking it in a specific place, then hurrying back to get himself an alibi. Nala and Willow went dress shopping, then to a fancy party, where the host seems to have fallen to his death. Oh, yes. This would be the same senator mentioned above. Don’t expect a lot of S’Task crew at the funeral.

Mommy has now gone off, just before the leap (or was he pushed? Or was his neck snapped and then he was dropped?) to rush toward the DQ and a date with destiny.

OOC: Busy month yet again, with lots of character development and lots of story development. Our time around ch’Rihan is nearly at an end – and good thing, since there is likely to be an urgent matter in the DQ requiring the presence of both the S’Task and the Cromwell.

Working with Cromwell has been outstanding, and continues to be so. It’s given lots of opportunities for character development and pushing storylines in places they couldn’t have gone without the other’s cooperation. Kudos to Devon and now Barry for running such a fine and creative DS. It has been an honor to work with them, and I will ride this pony as far as she will take us.


2416.07.20.07 ROM/STSK t’Danis RNN News “Inside Edition”


That was the most counter intuitive thing tr’Saren could think of, requisitioning a potential ‘silent killer’ as a personal slave. The soldier might not comprehend how real the consciousness of such a thing might be, but he had made himself very familiar with the physical strengths of these… tools. They were not the sort of things you should leave insecure…. And the shit he’d given Tyr for ensuring the Riov’s safety. Tyr looked at N’Vek with a bolt of hate, but thankfully the man was looking away as he casually moved through the room.


“The guards knew enough about t’Fuhron to know that the biggest threat she posed was emotional, rather than physical. Well, there might be a physical threat to prolonged exposure to her but it was nothing that couldn’t be cleared up with a shot down in sickbay.”
–Jason, as Carson Sesgaard’s security detail


Everyone. Devon for his consistently excellent portrayal of Nala, who always has something (usually several things) up her sleeve. Sam for the outstanding portrayal, simultaneously, of Earth incarnate Tyr and his sweet ingenue sister, Khara. Barry for the seductress and savant that is Trael, Jason for the upstart finding his way in tr’Khev and the jaded, experienced acting security chief tr’Kota, Dri for the wolfish (sometimes even without his knowledge 😉 tr’Aryn. Jo for the human/Betazed Tactical officer doing his best to survive in this hostile pond. I consider myself truly blessed to have trusted to play CO of this motley band of brilliant writers.

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