SES S’Task Monthly Report for December 2016

The khre’Riov has come out of her coma and is doing fairly well, though weak as the sexy kitten she is. Oops, mixing my genres there. She’s made more visitors than Nala has schemes. Popularity. It can be a bitch.

The chief of security has suspects for the assassination attempt, but its looking like Tyr and Jaqen (what an unlikely buddy pairing) have already dealt with the immediate problem. So… next we focus upon the real culprit, the Kween Bitch, t’Santern.

Or do we?

The XO is powerfully pissed off that the CO has eyes (and other body parts) for the LCO, not for him. Some men just don’t handle rejection very well, and then they become psychopathic little whiny bitches and have “Overly Attached Wanna-Be Boyfriend” meme made up after them. So, careful.


2416.12.26.02 STSK JP Nala/N’vek “Birds of a feather.”

Good posting by Dri and Devon, showing the often hidden sides of each of their characters.

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