Seiklon Axel Report – Mar. 2015


Dvir and Toby Anderson had gone back to investigate the wreckage of the Juros Rossi aboard the shuttlecraft Zola.  Upon arriving, they discovered that many of the ships drifting cargo containers had been bound together in the formation of a piece of artwork resembling a mock solar system.   A woman claiming to be El-Aurian was at the site and offered to help the Zola’s crew to take it in tow to sell as salvage.
Back on Axel, Captain Gorgon has continued his commitment to add salvage work to the Axel’s repertoire by trading in the ship’s heavy shuttle for a pair of used workbee’s with their associated armatures and cargo rigs.
The engineers aboard Starbase Phoenix have helped Axel’s own engineering team, led by Greg Griggles, to return the ship to operational status.  Meanwhile, Axel’s stewards, Katherina Metterhorn and Kristina Monroe have taken inventory and packed on new supplies for upcoming trips.
However all this preparation may be for naught, if they can’t get passed a travel restriction placed upon them by Starbase Phoenix, due to the loss of their CO, Captain Kira.
 The SS Tmur’s problem has worsened as the nanites aboard have proliferated and begun contructing their larger insectoid mechs.  These devices are designed to take over a human host, in order to use them against the other biological lifeforms aboard.  So, though the nanites are improving the Tmur, no one may be alive to enjoy it.
Behind The Scenes:New players Trinity and Justin have come into their own and really helped to contribute to the DS’s storyline.  (Thanks so much).  Other players are rallying to the cause, so it’s been a good month both in and out of story.  There is some discussion about finally leaving our current vessel behind and going with something new.  (Whoever put that one in my head should be shot!)

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Monthly Report, Short Form
written by Rich L.

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