Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for July

The crew of the Seiklon Axel has waved goodbye to their old vessel and now they’ve begun settling into the new one. The new vessel is a Bison Class Multipurpose Support Vessel formerly operated as part of the Federation Merchant Marine Fleet. The crew have investigated have begun to explore all the possibilities that the new vessel holds and are preparing to embark on their first mission aboard the new ship. In support of Admiral Leval’s plan, he has saddled them with a mission’s specialist to make sure that they are capable of performing the tow/salvage of the SS Rapong. Quidano, Gregory Griggles, and Dvir have taken the opportunity to do a weapons and helm control test, just to get a feel for the vessel.

A doctor has answered the help wanted add placed by Captain Gorgon, and though his arrival was a bit wonky, it looks as though he’ll work out alright.

Meanwhile, the T’mur crew have just boarded the adrift vessel, SS Albatross. They hope to be able to use the craft to escape the Purple Nebula. Then again, who knows. They may just keep the ship beyond that.

Behind The Scenes:

Who would have thought that our little ship would have attracted so much attention all in one month! Seiklon Axel welcomes 3 new players, Bill, David, and Pam. Our crew complement is now higher than it’s been in awhile, and we’re hoping that this new talent will bring new twists and fun to our group.

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