Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for December 2015

The Rapong has been made ready for warp travel as the tow of the Seiklon Axel. The beam has been engaged and we’ve started the journey to Antwerp. BUT WAIT! Bounty hunters have come on scene to take Paul Gorgon and Christina Monroe back to Setlin. Lying in a sensor blind behind the Axel they have boarded and taken Monroe, but were unable to find Gorgon because he was on the freighter Rapong and shielded from scans by the massive amount of Magnesite in the freighters hold.

Monroe is not the only prisoner aboard the bounty hunter’s craft. A Gorn named Toraith has been there for weeks and has been desperately trying to find a way out.

Without thinking of the consequences, Jurlat Varg opened fire on the bounty hunter’s vessel and now an open fire fight has begun.

The Albatross has made good on it’s escape from Siridon Arms, but the Siridon Arms vessels are still caught in an engagement against the THC Morningstar and a collection of derelicts representing the Alpha Quadrant powers. The battle could be one that goes down in local history books.

Behind The Scenes:

We welcome Doug B. this month, our new player, who will be portraying the Seiklon Axel’s very first Gorn crewman. We’re looking forward to what can come of our gnarly new mercs.

I want to highlight Takeshi this month and his character Jurlat Varg. Takeshi wanted to bring the Krogan race from Mass Effect to Star Trek: Borderlands and we have compromised by creating its equivalent in the Cronin. Be advised that Seiklon Axel is saying that the Cronin are a thrall race to the Solementi and have been seeded along the border to keep others away. Jurlat Varg has left this life behind and ventured off for unknown adventure aboard the Seiklon Axel. Big guns and bad attitude are his calling cards.

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