Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for August

Preparations for a voyage can be difficult, but even more so, when you are afraid that you’re being hunted by criminal organizations bent on your destruction. To this end, Captain Paul Gorgon has taken on new crew for those just in case situations and maybe for some all around badassery, wherever it is needed. The crew has come together again, a force…maybe not for good, but at least one capable of getting things done.

Starfleet is depending on them to some small degree and as such have insisted on having an officer aboard as they head to Xani IV. The Magnesite Freighter Rapong is in a slowly decaying orbit. Can the crew of the Seiklon Axel, arrest the ship and tow it out into space. Time will tell. In the meantime, the new crew are getting a chance to know one another and their ship. The doctor, seems interested in both Katherina and Christina and it doesn’t appear that bothers Katherina. The hero for hire known as Dream has brought her own ship as a complement to Axel’s mission and her own personal transportation.

The SS Albatross has now reached the planet Yaeldra, where Captain Noluk and Icmod Smith hope to start anew. But it might not be as easy as all that. The Arvonian Syndicate has a tool on board and they may wield it with deadly consequences.

Behind The Scenes:

Our list of players grew one more in August as we gained Takeshi, who is adapting a character from another property for play in the Star Trek Borderlands Universe. Pam’s character is becoming well developed and David our other new player has brought a playboy doctor to life. I’m glad to have all of these people as part of Seiklon Axel. Posting numbers are up over 100 for the first time in awhile and creativity is high. Thank you all.

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