Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for January 2016

At the start of the month, the MCO was advanced to the post of XO, and the XO was offered the post of CO. Both accepted with a moderate form of appreciation and minimal incident.
Phoenix has been without medical staff for some time. With Dr Sann arriving on the station, there has been quite a bit of activity as many personnel records are out of date and many of the crew are behind on their medical exams. There was a standing directive issues by the new CO that all crew are to schedule medical exams. During the routine exams, many crew members has symptoms that added up to nothing. But having some members in the wrong place at the wrong time brought about a medical mystery. Phoenix is now in a state of outbreak and the medical staff is confused as to the cause and any form of cure.

Post of the Month
[SB Phoenix] 2416.01.15.02 Michael “Last call” with credit to Dave for starting a great post with some added insight to the ghosts that can haunt some of the crew, and proving once again, Fights with inanimate objects can never work out favorable for any humanoid.

Again: Kudos goes to the entire crew for some great posts. I can not emphasize enough how quality posting lends itself to quality game play.

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