Outpost Hope One/Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for February 2017

The Albatross crew returned to Crossroads Station following the fight between the Axel, the Gatrubbians, ships assigned to Sentinel Station and the Borg Scout Vessel. They bore two Borg. One of them was the father of a member of the Axel crew and entanglements with Starfleet were not wanted, so the idea was that they would be ‘de-assimilated’ at a non-Starfleet facility. While there the crew had some down time, but once the procedures were done, they set off for Sentinel Station again with Toraith and his father, a Gorn Duke still aboard. The procedures were in part done by Karbo, the Klingon nurse-practitioner aboard the Albatross, which went far to establish his ability level.

As the Albatross began its return some exchanges between Toraith and his father as well as between Roquel and Icmod showed just how complex relationships of all kinds could be.

The Axel underwent a detailed inspection by it’s own engineer, Imgres and members of Sentinel’s engineering team including Chief Petty Officer Eiwan and Ensign Annette Sinclair.

Following the inspection the Axel accepted a cargo from Pleg, which was to be delivered a planet in the Thela System. This cargo was predominantly weapons. Upon arrival they discovered the planet to be under siege by vessels which looked to be from Starfleet. It turned out that they were vessels operated by the Henderson Company, an mercenary entity that was helping the Arvonian Syndicate to crush Zarthizadek Griffen of Laitar once and for all.

The decision was made that they would go through with the delivery despite the odds. Eventually an arrangement was made for a meet on the planet between Griffen’s people and the crew of Axel to exchange the weapons for money. That plan got derailed when T’nan the leader of the Arvonian Syndicate interceded. Elias, having no love for either Griffen or the Syndicate, made a deal to save his crew and to secure payment. They would leave the weapons for the Syndicate and NOT Griffen. The Axel left unharmed, but under the circumstance that the Syndicate now knew where the Axel was, they couldn’t know how long they might have before they came under their sway again.

On the Sentinel Promenade, Althea Theophilus went shopping while considering whether or not to take a position aboard a starship to avoid boredom in her role as Operations Chief of a well run station. She and shop owner, Husar, discussed the value and quality of an assortment of merchandise as well as teased about Ferengi culture. The encounter didn’t go all that well.

Later, Husar came to Althea’s quarters to deliver some merchandise only to comment negatively about the starkness of the furnishings within. Althea was quickly realizing she didn’t want to deal with the Cardassian. However, they did begin a discussion on decorating the space. Althea was particularly interested in finding pieces that would compliment a set of vases that she had. Federation standard became a bit of a problem for the two as Husar mistook Althea’s desire for an overstuffed item to mean that she wanted a stuffed mammoth! She was really interested in a Victorian chair.

Lt. Commander Favor boarded the USS Daystrom and appraised the layout of the science department. He was satisfied with that, but not with the political pitfalls which had pretty much prevented the starship from being able to enter the Hope One Dyson Sphere.

Gero Ib spent two weeks with the Gatrubbians and experienced both their culture and religion first hand. He became convinced that the Bajoran Prophets and the Gatrubbian Writers were the same deities. He studied a good deal of astronomical data obtained during the Gatrubbian’s Great Exodus. He spent much time in and around the Gatrubbians science building and got a chance to see the state of their facility. He got called back to Sentinel Station to help investigate a brown dwarf star as a member of the USS Daystrom science team.

Ensign Ahkhsu Trensu was given operational command of the USS Daystrom for its maiden mission by Commander Mirel. The Ensign was shocked at the possibility of captaining a vessel considering he had been previously told that such a thing would not be possible for at least three years. Trensu (a man out of time) hadn’t commanded a vessel in over 100 years. In any case, it was becoming obvious that the Daystrom would no longer be hanging around the station. It had a mission!

Komara Imtaren opened a Cafe and Book Store on Sentinel Station’s promenade. The grand opening was attended by Pleg, Husar, and Lt. Bear among others. Pleg was not particularly pleased that an outlet other than his own would be available to share Gatrubbian goods with the station’s residents and visitors.

Quote of the Month

Husar: “OK so overstuffed – you don’t mean what I think you mean.” Husar scratched at her temple thoughtfully, “So what exactly do you mean? And How do you stuff this Victorian?”

Player(s) of the Month

I want to give the nod to Debby and Anna-Maria together. They’ve been working well together and keeping the promenade and station life alive with their posts. Thanks much.

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