Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for October 2015

Chief Petty Officer Eiwan and Ensign Serota met with Tobin Al’Rasgal, an Orion and owner of Copernicus Corporation, with the intent of flushing out his involvement with the recent catastrophic systems failure aboard Sentinel Station. After interviewing Mr. Al’Rasgal and the Bynar employees responsible for his computer maintenance, his involvement was ruled out. DW 250, a photonic being that accompanied Chief Eiwan and Commander Ares from the Engineering Conference on Chetzia, has begun his own investigation into the computer failure. He discovered a disturbing pattern within several key systems that could mean another catastrophic failure was imminent. For his own safety, DW 250’s program was moved to the Danube-class ship USS Kilimanjaro.

Ensign Serota discovered another body near the Promendade, the sixth murder aboard Sentinel Station in the last few months. Lt. Commander Vaz is investigating. There remains a lack of hard evidence that could lead the investigation to a suspect. The murderer remains at large.

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