Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for March 2016

Ensign Ariana Serota was lauded at another karaoke night in the Sushi Bar. She and the station’s economist, Keryneia Hind, chatted with Lieutenant Melinda Michaels, Sentinel Station’s JAG Officer. Discussion turned to the still-unsolved murders aboard Sentinel Station.

OH1 received the open communique from the Delta Freedom Alliance Surgeon General regarding the Tarkalian Flu.

Katowal Husar, owner of ‘Namche Bazaar’, showed her stripes negotiating with a supplier named Hiket. Hiket’s shipment was promised same-day delivery with Husar choosing the price.

Ensign’s Gero and Hondrick turned their attention to the wormhole. Recent sensor modifications revealed a trail of strange tachyons stretching from the wormhole to the Jarada ship. Gero’s attention was once again focused on the derelict. To avoid violating the Federation-Jarada treaty the two launched a probe to collect debris along the tachyon trail.

Silva and M’Marss boarded the derelict Jarada ship with the intention of stripping it for parts. The computer core was the first to be transported back to Killjoy for their Andorian contact. A slight vibration felt in the decking prompted the two mercenaries to explore what should have been a dead ship. The search ended at a lit cylindrical tube covered in vegetation. Silva’s clumsy use of gecko gloves was usurped by M’Marss deft, natural Caitian climbing ability. The metal cylinder was a stasis chamber containing a live Jarada. The mercenary crew evacuated immediately without exploring further. The moral debate aboard Killjoy was short-lived with the captain stating that they were not Starfleet and not bound by any ethics except as required to complete their mission. They were stopped by a tractor beam originating from the derelict. Killjoy’s engineer detected a transmission that sounded like an SOS. After phasers proved ineffective, Silva fired a small, one kilocochrane tri-cobalt device to punch a hole in the Jarada ship and break them free. The Killjoy’s computer reported strange sensor data: stars moving backwards.

A Johvan farmer hosted a trio of Cardassians claiming to be scientists. The abhorrent nature of technology to much of Johvan society lead to misunderstandings including the Cardassian military rank ‘gul’ being interpreted as the cry of a shorebird. In the end, Ilko Seket was able to find the correct word in Federation Standard. The farmer’s son lead her on foot to the nearby home of a Johvan Senator. Seket’s colleagues were left behind with near zero ability to communicate with the farmer. On the road, Seket tried to offer the farmer’s son an ear-worn universal translator that he believed to be jewelry. Once away from the farmer’s son, Senator Burgess Larking revealed that he wore a universal translator and did not have the same aversion to technology as his constituents. The Senator was immediately weary of his guest based on his experience with Starfleet personnel and touring the Cardassian farming colony. Seket told the Senator the two colleagues she travelled with were Obsidian Order despite knowing they were really scientists.


Several players took an extended leave through March with some returning during the month and others looking to return in April.

A couple of cross-posts from Starbase Phoenix and a combined DFA Cromwell/SES S’Task duty station were good examples of pan-Borderlands collaboration.

Player and Quote of the Month

Deb has been a very active player this month. She added two characters to OH1, both mercenaries. She, Kevin and I have been active behind-the-scenes batting around ideas for the Killjoy, Jarada and Lighthouse. I thank her for her effort this month.

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