Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for July 2017

The crew of Albatross settled on helping the Vegone liberate the captive Raeldra so important to their culture. The riots of earlier in the afternoon subsided into routine amongst the colonists. The Albatross crew finalized their plans within sight of the Raeldra holding pens. Zal suggested a distraction. Roquel was enamoured with her rebel leader. The settlement would be in chaos once the liberation of Raeldra began. Zal took a position in a ditch two kilometres from the Raeldra holding pens. He lobbed several grenades at the Akritirian settlement breaching it’s perimeter. Jillido came across a jumpy sentry named Pel. Pel and Lirin were subdued easily by the Orion.

The colonial governor was awoken from his sleep by the cacophony of the released Raeldra. Daiken, a staffer in the governor’s office was struggling. Pelira calmed him, told him to organize fire brigades. Pelira realized that the Albatross crew was behind it.

Sezha Drayka was with the Albatross crew within the settlement, attempting to calm the panicked Raeldra. He was knocked unconscious. Without the calming influence, the full brunt of the panic set upon Roquel’s mind. Icmod called for medical assistance.

A new operations officer chatted up a man whose family had a long history with the Blues. Le Rodeur showed off his mid-twentieth century Gibson that shone like a Risan sun. Odell asked Le Rodeur to show his chops. The latter filled the bar with loud sexy sound. Seket thought it sounded like a zabu in pain.

Battlegroup Agrippina summed the losses. USS Invigilator was boarded by drones and self-destructed. Other Strike Groups suffered 50% damage. The Cube had lost all propulsion to buy USS Discovery more time.

Eiwan was working quickly to launch a repair mission to Lighthouse before she was bogged down in repairs to Battlegroup Agrippina. Ensign Le Rodeur was excitedly signing to himself. The chief was unfamiliar with the style. Le Rodeur was singing the Blues; a music borne out of hard times. The ensign was looking for like-minded musicians to bring style to an audience on Sentinel.

Elias and Xin moved their conversation from the second officer’s quarters to the lounge. Elias felt a spell had been cast over him. He cut short their conversation to clear his head.

Several people entered the Promenade Clinic with injuries from the riot. One person fell through the archway into the clinic. Doctor Butler called for security and additional medical personnel. Doctor Cranshaw was stopped on his way to the civilian clinic on the Promenade by Marines in their ongoing security crackdown. Marines entered the clinic to offer assistance. The doctor wanted calm restored so that the patients could be quickly treated and released. The Marines had not responded to Butler’s call for help. They had been dispatched to identify troublemakers seeking refuge in the clinic.

Gral stood outside Sushi Bar watching the commotion on the Promenade. He debated abandoning his post to buy something sweet from the Gatrubbian’s shop.

Komara strolled around the Promenade during his lunch break. The news consoles broke to Reader Kensen aboard the Mukrala. He announced the Commonwealth of the True Readers and their separation from the tyrannical bureaucracy of the United Federation of Planets. The Nothran system and it’s Crossroads Station would serve as the new home of the Gatrubbian peoples. Reader Kensen reaffirmed the open borders of the Gatrubbian Commonwealth to the Federation as well as other Alpha Quadrant powers.

Starfleet Intelligence compiled a report on the Gatrubbian situation identifying Reader Kensen as the de facto head of government with no known criminal background nor association with the Nal’Gaharay. Nothran is the site of Crossroads Station believed to be sourced from a temporal loop on the edge of Federation space.

During a meeting between Lieutenant Bear and his staff, a pair of staffers came to blows over accusations of infidelity. Bear subdued the two and called for medical assistance.

Toraith admitted his hatred for his own father. He planned to steal historical artifacts and family heirlooms. Elias and Chelsea refused to be roped into the Gorn’s scheme.

Duke Faritha continued to negotiate with a Gorn bureaucrat. The nuance of the discussion was lost on Axel’s bridge crew. Reed was concerned that denial ofthe Duke’s existence was political. Wimpy, the Gorn bureaucrat lost patience and demanded the return of Toraith on tax evasion charges. Bresa stood up for Toraith as a valued member of Axel’s crew and used his position in the Gatrubbian government to extend diplomatic protections to his Gorn enforcer. Wimpy closed the channel when he realized the negotiation was above his pay grade.

Elias and Chelsea reviewed the ship’s supplies while the bridge worked with the Gorn government. They were short a crate of meat and one of water. Elias heard movement behind him. A woman burst out of a storage container and ran for cover. He called for assistance while he armed himself with a small Bajoran phaser. The girl pulled the panel off a ventilation and shaft and crawled in before Elias could take a shot. Toraith and Reed reached the cargo hold. Toraith made a comment about a live dinner and had to reassure the chief officer he was kidding. One of the three would have to follow through the ventilation shaft while the other circles to possible exits.

Toraith and Faritha argued in Gorn which none of the crew understood. It seemed that the Duke was commenting on the lack of combat skill among the crew. Toraith made sure to mention beating Elias in a boxing match some months earlier. Xin questioned the Gorn legal system. The Duke needed to prove he was alive. Toraith could not submit to an examination without being arrested. It would fall to a third party to negotiate the situation. Potential negotiators included the Nausicaans, Letheans and Klingons. A Klingon transport was their best option.


Noluk was exiled from Vulcan for his use of trellium. The emotional neurological effects were antithetical to Surak’s teachings. Noluk was abandoned by nearly everyone he knew. Selek presented Noluk with an aged frontier science vessel, the T’mur. Selek recommended the Delta Quadrant as a destination. The Geroch Wormhole was newly discovered. It was a gateway to new worlds and new experiences.


July was a quiet month. As a group, we only wrote 12,200 words.

“Across the Threshold” was posted to the OH1 website; http://outposthopeone.nfshost.com/short%20fiction.html . It’s our second short novel. It follows the crew of USS Daystrom investigating the loss of communication with a research outpost.

Thomas joined OH1 and left a couple of weeks later. Writing a PBEM RPG wasn’t his style. He was wow’d by the group’s creativity.

Inspired by S’Task, players were asked to write flashbacks for their characters. At the end of August, Rich, Richard and Kevin will pick their favourites.

Player of the Month

Kevin expanded the OH1 universe with the galactic politics of the Gatrubbian people. The Gatrubbians will definitely become a force of change and conflict. Kevin is the first player to post a flashback of his character.

Honourable mention to Rich for his strong development of Roquel. There is a lot of emotional depth to this character.

Subject Lines of the Month

2417.07.08.01 AXEL Quidano “Who Understands Gorn?”
–a question we have all asked ourselves (Rich)

2417.07.15.03 AXEL Wink “let me get my supervisor”
–doesn’t even scratch the surface of the confusion that is Gorn bureaucracy (Doug)

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