Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for August

As the new crew is settling in on board the station, they are finding themselves drawn into two separate mysteries. The first of these is the recent attack on the station’s systems by what appears to be a Nal’Gaharay virus. The other is the on-going murders that have been taking place on the station’s Promenade.

Ensign Ariana has definitely been sliding in as her new role as DFA Exchange Officer. She was willing to stand up to the CO of the station during a briefing to clarify the differences between the DFA and the Nal’Gaharay. She has also been working closely with Eiwan and Selek to start planning an approach to handle with the attack on the station’s systems.

2415.08.05.01 OH1 Ariana “Surprisingly like home.” – Dev provided us with a great introduction to his NPC, Ariana Serota, who actually transferred in as a cadet-turned-ensign from the DFA Cromwell-B. She should be a great addition to the team.

2415.08.13.02 SEN Ariana “Weight of the world on an ensign’s shoulders.” – This just really nicely highlights the feeling of being overwhelmed our new DFA exchange and science officer has been feeling since arriving.

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