Outpost Hope One and Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for May 2016

The civilian ship Seiklon Axel arrived at Sentinel Station with the USS Hyperion in tow. It was also the return of the station’s XO, Commander Jeyan, after weeks of pawing through the junk pile of the Omicron Shipyards. Axel’s captain and XO met with CPO Eiwan to discuss repairs and upgrades. Elias, Axel’s captain, asked Eiwan for recommendations for a new engineer. It was clear the last engineer and the captain had been at odds.

Varg decided to look for a weapons shop aboard Sentinel to augment his arsenal. He didn’t find any.

The crew of Killjoy spoke to a Builder who provided no clarity to their situation. It provided terse responses or confirmed that the crew’s comments were ‘sufficiently accurate for [their] understanding’. When asked a direct question about escaping, the Builder responded with an unequivocal ‘No’. The crew decided to fight. Without a grounding in theoretical physics, their best plan was to create a big bang and percolate to the “surface” of normal space.

Ariana and Nort, reluctantly, decided to work together for their dinner. It took a few quoted Rules of Acquisition to convince the Ferengi they were stronger together. She was a most convincing fe·male. Gaspar, the head chef, responded with annoyance to Nort’s demand to eat the snails from the bottom of the fish tank in the restaurant. Nort failed to catch the sarcasm when Gaspar offered to chew the snails for his patron. It seemed that every visit to the Sushi Bar ends up with staff in the tank.

The sexual interplay between Ariana and Nort was one-sided. It was all in Nort’s head.

Ariana and Nort’s peaceful dinner was interrupted by a Gorn moving through the restaurant like a bull in a china shop. Quidano, the Gorn’s shipmate, followed right behind him apologetic to the Sushi Bar’s patrons. Nort, fearing the Gorn was there to kill him, negotiated what he thought was his last meal. Toraith held Nort off the gronud by the lapels of his tunic as the Gorn explained he needed the Ferengi to help him with an unsubstantiated case of tax fraud. Quidano paused to survey the damage to the restaurant and distanced himself from the hulking Gorn. Nort, seeing opportunity rather than his own funeral, was more than glad to assist.

Nort tried to assess the Gorn’s assets to determine his fee… and Toraith’s ability to pay his taxes. The criminal accusation came from Toraith’s brother, a Duke in the Gorn Hegemony. Nort wasn’t going to be the Gorn’s accountant, he was going to be a powerbroker. That role was hampered by a complete lack of resources and assets. It looked as if self-exile was the only thing Toraith could offer his brother.

The best option Nort and Toraith could come up with was an all-expenses-paid vacation for members of the Gorn Hegemony to the Delta Quadrant. The goodwill gesture would include gambling, a sauna with warm rocks and companionship. Finding companionship to Gorn sense of beauty would be difficult.

Tension was evident amongst the crew of the Albatross. That was to be expected on a crew with a Klingon, a pair of Jem’Hadar and a Cronin. It was far more muscle than necessary. An exchange of overly personal questions lead to a standoff between a Klingon doctor and a Jem’Hadar father. The ship’s pilot didn’t appreciate the old girl being turned into a warship. Zoss recommended a sumo match in Cargo Bay 2.

Icmod Smith, Albatross’ XO, decided to meet with Captain Elias of Seiklon Axel with Brunt in tow.

Eiwan met with the CO and First Officer of Seiklon Axel to provide engineering assistance while in-dock. Elias dismissed his previous senior engineer for being an asshole. Eiwan reviewed the schematics during the ship’s life as SS Costner and quickly found many undocumented modifications. The tractor system was a priority for Captain Elias. Bresa and Eiwan met to work on the tractor control system. Firstly, the existing systems had to be documented so that upgrades could be implemented. An industrial replicator aboard Sentinel provided real-time component replacement with a tractor system that was more sensitive and responsive.

Voci shared his past with the Himpanwei engineer. His planet of origin was lost to time long before he himself was found in stasis by the crew of Seiklon Axel. The location of the planet itself was lost to time. Comparing star charts and linguistics could provide clues to the location of Gatrubbe. Federation databases could contain a form of ‘Rosetta Stone’.

Lt. Gero arrived at Ensign Serota’s lab with dust samples collected near the wormhole. Immediately, the station’s geologist noted tachyon decay.

Pleg returned to his shop, ‘Whims and Favors’. His first potential customer was a waterlogged ensign. Ariana passed the shop on her way home from the Sushi Bar with a terse, four-letter comment. Captain Elias was spotted by Gral, the son of the ‘Whims and Favors’ proprietor, with an offer to fulfill the captain’s needs. Elias offered a 5% cut to the Ferengi for a middleman to sell the salvage collected during their recent visit to the Omicron Shipyards. Dvir watched the exchange from a distance. Sentinel Station was a far safer place than the crew of Axel were used to. Elias had two heavies aboard nonetheless.

Elias was met aboard Axel by Nort, a self-proclaimed salvage expert. The Ferengi offered a single, large transaction and was disappointed that the captain wished to sell his salvage piecemeal. Elias had negotiated with Ferengi before judging by his glare and shrewd bargaining. Elias retained the right to vet buyers and maintain a reserve price. He also rented space aboard Sentinel himself rather than use the Ferengi as a middleman.

Alton Woodward, Axel’s general hand, was recruited to find replacement crew that Captain Elias was offloading at Sentinel.

Elias interviewed a Sheliak named Ryshek Uu for the function of engineer.

Seket, an Obsidian Order agent undercover as a chemist, waited for a contingent of Johvan farmers. She oversaw the establishment of a real farm with crops and livestock. The zabu had been named for guls Seket knew. She walked from the Cardassian settlement to a Builder ruin to explore. The whole purpose of the settlement was to recover Builder technology. A mischevious Lacosian created buzzing sounds to attract and distract the Cardassian. The chemist had not made any progress into the ruins before the Johvan Senator arrived. He brought many farmers with him to learn from the Cardassians.


The crossover of Sentinel and Axel lead to a /lot/ of new stories. The crew of Seiklon Axel has been prolific and creative in their writing.

AJ joined OH1 once again. He is a long-time Borderlands player and former CO of OH1. He has been writing with Borderlands for nearly twenty years.

The OH1 website underwent several changes during the month including a new menu system and a new player handbook.

Player of the Month

Doug kept me guessing all month. It started with a Gorn disrupting a dinner at the Sushi Bar. It turns out he was accused of tax fraud by a brother, a Duke in the Gorn Hegemony. Trying to mesh Ferengi and Gorn perceptions of the universe was very enjoyable to write and I hope just as enjoyable to read.

Quote of the Month

‘A man walks into a Ferengi shop’ was the start to way too many jokes for Dvir to feel that this was certain to be a good thing.
—spoken by Dvir as played by Randy

Subject Line of the Month

2416.05.15.01 SEN Ariana “Ferengi’s make me wet”
—Devon referred to being drenched in the Sushi Bar

2416.05.29.01 TROSS – Roquel “Don’t Smother The Ones You Love”
—Rich offering sound advice from Albatross’ pilot

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