DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for October 2017

Captain’s Personal Log:

Vedek Kira placed the entire crew under house arrest on the death of Jiri, not for her death, but that we somehow, aided in releasing a Pah-wraith. I believe this actually worked against Vedek Kira’s plans, at it forced us to talk, and compare notes. We all had pieces of the puzzle, but now that we put our pieces together, we are slowly getting the bigger picture. These people are here to try and stop the Pah-Wraith from escaping. Perhaps we can help.

We know that Vash has a ship, but not where. She came here with a Q. Our shuttles and drop ship are unlikely to be here. Brinn and El have access to a crashed ship, perhaps their parts could fix Vashes ship if we could find it. It only seats two though so I am not sure we would benefit.

Six needs to regenerate, but is with us, also under arrest. I am not sure how we will help her now.

Brinn, Six, El, Rose and Terros journey to El’s crashed ship. It is all pre warp tech, so it is limited in what it can provide. What it did have was…prewarp tech, which meant shielding was mecahnical, and not done with forcefields. Sometimes old is better. The group was able to make a faraday cage out of an old cryogenic chamber from the ship. The Capacitor battery did not discharge so was able to be used to power the system. It worked well…Perhaps too well. Terrros took advantage of the situation to trigger the cryogenic cycle and put the borg to sleep in retribution for trying to assimilate him. Resistance is not futile.

The captain, Cully and Dribu bluff their way out of the Palace, to check on Major Reynolds and Vedek Wishi. They deliver Thorn’s cat to them, their excuse to see them at the temple where they are being held. Squeaker likes to sit on the Window sill of Reynolds and Wishi’s Apartment

Kamaia, Vash and Sheval explore their prison, the Palace where Vedek Kira has her quarters and office. They find out her plans for everyone and how they will integrate into the Madina Saba society. But Vash’s sticky fingers for “Interesting and important archeological items”, which translates to valuable, found her picking up a sealed chest. Timing was bad, and nearly fatally so, because Vedek Kira returned while the three were hiding in a nearby room. When the hawk guards began a systematic search, a Cardassian by the name of Cerin appeared from a secret trap door and snuck them out of the city.

Cromwell crew, the cats of the universe, have once again scattered even under the unwatchful eye of Vedek Kira. New stories are beginning to be told. Certin tells Kamaia Vedek Kira is trying to release a Pah-Wriath. Kira tells others she is trying to keep them sealed. The people fear to die, and the priests are looking to turn the dead into mummies. Six Brinn and Thorn see a pair f hawk guards and a priest consumed by saw beetles while sneaking about the Mortuary.

Back at the DFA academy:

Tas and Paige pass first year finals. The Infection was a virus that could be controlled with graviton waves. Although a very rough 24 hours, the team of Delta Six survived, and found out it was all holographc simulations. Second year begins with Codey, Tas’s Cardassian Vole escaping and creating dissension in Delta Six with Connar. Paige and Tas are called to the Commandant’s office for breaking regulations. So who let the Vole out? Tas and Paige go camping with Azel, Tas’s little sister. Marshmallows were served.

Post(s) of the month:

2417.10.18.01 CHTZ Tas “Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.”

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) :

“That warning had obviously gone in one deflector-dish-sized ear and out the other.” Jason on Tas the Ferengi, nominated by Tabitha

“Yes, there were children, but they did not grow, so they stayed with their parents. This put a damper on any interest in having children” Devon, nominated by Tabitha

Title(s) of the month:

2417.10.04.01 RAK Pania “Faith, like a jackal, feeds among the tombs” Miriah, as borrowed from Herman Melville, nominated by Dev.

2417.10.14.01 RAK Pania “a change from Sherwood Forest” Miriah, nominated by Tabitha

2417.10.18.01 CHTZ Tas “Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.” Tabitha (from CS Lewis) by Lucie

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