DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for March 2017

The Cromwell Eridi III away team has been missing now for months, Unknown to Cromwell they have become integrated with the Dolamin and now leading an attack on the Arial. All hope to end the war once and for all. Final preparations were voiced and the tip of the spear, the elite troops, advance to place the bomb. Contact has been made with the enemy, all is going as planned.

Meanwhile, the opening salvos of Shaouli and MarQ’s war on Terror opens with accusations of friendly fire on “Burning man tailgaters”, civilians brought in by Dr Hathbom. It turns out Preacher in the shuttle was rerouting the civilians under orders from MarQ. Strafing the road at nearly ‘danger close’, Shouli, from her position saw a shuttle firing through the dust and sand as civilians scattered. Rallied by Shouli’s defiant firing on the shuttle, the civilians pitched in to defend themselves until MarQ saw the angles, and called off both sides. Another case of the friendly fire incidents so commonly seen.

Meanwhile, Lini has begun sleepwalking, and who does she stumble across? Of all people, Darros. Where will this lead?

Stardate 2417.03.31: Cromwell is under high speed warp to Eridi III. The Galadorians have taken the wall, and our marines prisoner, breached the wall and are closing on Jinx’s Stone Henge Fortress. Already Artillery is beginning to fire on the Marine base. We should arrive any time, hope fully it is soon enough.

My thoughts go back to Commander MarQ. He is convinced, as is Chief Inspector Navarro, the terrorists will be attacking. Since I have heard nothing, I hope they are bored, and safe.

Lt Braun working with M’riss and Jinx was able to upgrade our sensor net back to working standards. I wish I had them up when the Romulan phase ships had attacked, we may have been writing a different history. Since then, Lt. Braun has disappeared. It may be my own cynicism but I think he is, or was, up to something; he has disappeared, and Dr Oglethorpe has become comatose. Dr Adair-Lovett is working on Dr Oglethorpe. Something tells me the two events are related.

Player(s) of the month:
Jason for solid work, even sometimes even in a vacuum.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM):
“See.” said Dr Hathbom turning to the others. “Now (Banor) REALLY is mad, and not pretending.” Rory looked at the doctor with a half-lidded glare, “You know…for an empathic psychologist, you really suck at knowing what to say.”: Amanda playing Rory Shaouli.

Title(s) of the month:

2417.03.22.01 MGDR “Where’s Teddy Bunny When You Need Him?” Amanda, nominated by Jason.

2417.03.10.02 DOL5 Thorn “If seven are magnificent, what are five?” Honorable Mention to Jason, nominated by Dev.

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