DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for February 2017

The Eridi III missing away team is being tested by thier situation. The Cromwell doctors help the Dolamin citizen soldiers, and confront their own fears of war. Tosk is still not totally released, and Michael as CO has volunteered to take is place as responsibility. They are holding Tosk responsible for support of the killed soldiers families, The Dolamin tribunal, with Dov Haddrick’s support, accepts the away team as soldiers, although undisciplined. Tosk more so, and he is asked to perform re-training, meaning lots of push ups. He gets off with the equivalent of a slap on the wrist. The rest of the team is released. A few campfire stories were exchanged and beers were passed around, and the Eridi III away team was offered a chance to assist the Dolamin in an attack on the Arial. The away team may be able to end hostilities between the Dolamin and the Arial once and for all.

Lt Braun appears, and within days, chaos erupts. He has awoken Dr Oglethorpe, who while I am glad to see, but will make this duo a spectacle in Science.

The Magdalori away team has been missing, but some clever actions on Lini’s part allowed a rescue of a tortured Dr Hathbom. Ensign Shaouli performed double duty, saving the life on one of the Magdalori scientists having a heart attack, as well as stopping the terrorists from setting off the bombs they had been working so hard and so long to emplace in a secret bunker facility of the Magdalori. I wanted to find out more about this facility, but Lini left her comm badge at the terrorists hide out, allowing a surprise raid by Cromwell. Commander MarQ and his strike team were immediately deployed. Ensign Shaouli and Chief Inspector Navarro are going with the Marines to assist. Hopefully we can end the terrorists once and for all.

Cromwell has a new mystery appear with the discovery of a disabled fighter and an amnesic pilot. If what she says is true, Starfleet is up to some fairly evil intentions with nanite controlled Bodies and experimental fighter craft. Jinx senses that she may be an off shoot of the nanite research done on her. Pronoun problems here. It’s Kaylan Jinx that was the initial subject. This may be another ‘The ends justify the means’, or as Michael says, “the Galaxy is a dangerous place, sometimes we have to be dangerous right back”. Do we accept that as reasonable? After “extreme vetting” we accepted NCS-001 aboard Crowmell. She has no name that she is aware. We will have to see if helping this pilot will help or hurt the DFA Starfleet relations.

Jinx, or perhaps I should say Lini, has discovered that the Magdalori are spying on their own people. Chief Inspector Navarro denies this vehemently, and believes it to be the conspiracy people propagating this falsehood. I am not sure who to believe. But we have evidence of trackers in the form of bugged button eyes on the blue one eyed alien stuffed animals purchased at Rose Wall.

With the return of the Magdalori away team, our attention returns to Eridi III. If Major Reynolds away team is to return, it will have to be through the Stone Henge. It may be our last hope for them. I have dispatched Ginger, and the remaining Marines to secure the Stone Henge area so if Major Reynolds returns, they will have a safe beachhead to land. I also sent NCS-001, with Ginger, to get a feel for her abilities and intentions. Ginger and Jinx have concerns, which I can’t ignore, but I can’t help the feeling she is the victim, and not the criminal. T’Thel though, was sent to spy upon us, why would Starfleet not do the same with NCS?

Side note: T’Thel and Darros are still in the holodeck, perhaps I should check on them. But what could go wrong in a holodeck?

Jinx is accompanying the Marines to set up a fortress with the Marines and DFA Exeter. This could be revolutionary for construction. It will also allow us to use Stone henge area and the Fortress as a base of operations to eliminate the zombies from the southern peninsula of Eridi III once and for all.

Captain Carson Sesgaard
Commanding Officer
DFA Cromwell-B

XO report:

One away team has returned, but the other is still missing. While Commander MarQ, Ensign Shouli and Lini work with the Magdalori natives to end the threat of alien influence on Magdalor, we are taking the majority of our marines, and a team of scientists and engineers to see if we can’t figure out how that stone henge site works, and fortify the area around it in the hopes that our away team, who disappeared at this site, can somehow find their way back to us.

We’re fairly certain it is some kind of mass transport system, otherwise we would have seen signs of our away team by now, even if it was as zombies trying to eat our brains.

We’ve also included our newest guest in the mission to Eridi III, NCS-001. She is disturbing. A Starfleet experiment into nanite control systems, using the very same nanites that run through our veins. The very same nanites that we were promised would never be used again. While we’re on Eridi III, we’ve asked Captain Sesgaard to reach out to the Klingons. An old friend there might be able to shed some light into how NCS came to be.

Lieutenant Commander Geran Jinx
Executive Officer
DFA Cromwell-B

Player(s) of the month:
Amanda and Jason (Ensign Shaouli and Lini) For advancing the Magdalori plotline so much this month; Finding the hidden Magdalori Base, defusing the bomb, rescuing Dr Hathbom and saving Dr Yan, planting the comm badge at the terrorists hideout and counter attacking the terrorists.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM):

Banor did not move, but he looked at Jinx and raised an amused eyebrow, “Seriously, you need to let that go.” he said. Piper as Banor referring to Banor and Jinx’s first encounter.

Honorable Mention: “He does not consider alternatives and strategy…” Gorlan Haddrick paused. “..or tactics.” Devon as Haddrick referring to Tosk the Gorn Ambassador.

Title(s) of the month:

2417.02.22.04 CRMB Jinx “Calvin Jinx: Trill Briefs”

2417.2.01.1 CRMB Martis “Hands up, Dr. Ficus!”

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