DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for August 2017

Captain’s Personal Log: The away teams were separated, with Ensigns Dribu and Palachar with Admiral Dark at the cavern with the Drop ship. The rest took shelter in the ground where the Borg had fired. We awoke in the green silver glass chamber. Six had not assimilated us. Small fortunes there. However, we no longer to climb out, the sand had evaporated according to Major Reynolds. I have no other explanation at this point unless the storm blew it away. Rose and cadet Yama climbed out and found we were atop a strange alien structure. Splitting up, we made our way down, seeking an exit. Fortune again smiled on us as two of our teams reached the artificial exit created in the past. Janos says the chambers we traversed are filled with stories of royalty. But Wishi suggested Dieties, that were Kosst Amoran, to be banished in the bajoran tongue. We found an explorer who had not made it out, a recent but desiccated individual.

At the Alien structure opening we were greeted by the locals, drawn to the structure by the crashing statue Michael, Yama and Sgt Terros toppled to expose the secret tunnel underneath, allowing them to join the other two away teams. The locals were led by Kira Ris, a Bajoran vedek, and a descendant of Kira Nerys. She sent Jiri to First Priest Iah who healed Jiri’s hand wounds, and welcomed us to the City of Ghosts; Madira Saba in the local dielect.

Personal log, supplemental. We are beginning to get acclimated to the city. We have had a chance to explore the mortuary, the Palace, and the temple. Ensigns Palchar and Pak I sent to find an Astrogation chart or Star map of some sort to help us find where and when we are. The Bajorans are telling us we are 114,000 years in the past. Our explorations were interrupted by the appearance of a Dal’Rok. The local citizenry assemble to provide psychic energy to the Vedek’s to drive the creature away. Ensign Wishi performed the Bajoran death chants herself. Shaouli reached out telepathically and got ‘burned.’ Xavier and I went exploring with Six, and Six killed a crocodile that attacked. I sent Six back to Ensign Dribu with the carcass for further analysis, she barely made it back alive. Xavier and I were then set upon by a number of crocodiles, perhaps those thwarted by six, and barely escaped ourselves, Xavier is critically injured. We may need a miracle. But we have some talented local healers, and Dr Adiar-Lovett, who may be the miracle we needed. If she can pull off the healing the local’s did on Jiri’s hands, Xavier may survive.

Captain Carson Sesgaard
Commanding Officer
DFA Cromwell-B

XO report: Unavailable

Player(s) of the month:

I am going to put Tabitha up for her daily posting, background posting, and her overall level of interest in Borderlands. Well done Tabitha!

Post(s) of the month:

No Nominations, although I thought the three situations in the alien structure ran very well. Everyone was engaged, and responded to their individual problems with good writing.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM):

It does say something about the death rate if the healer is located in the Morgue…Tabitha:

“Generally, when Rory reached out to another mind it was like crossing a distance in the dark between them to be rewarded with sights, sounds and feelings in a swirling painting of thoughts. There was always beauty in it, even when it was sad or terrifying. This was something different altogether. There was the darkest between them which she crossed with her consciousness but instead of the familiar patterns, the lights and that drew her forward were flames.”

Beautifully written by Amanda, nominated by Tabitha

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