Cromwell Monthly Report for October 2015

Beginning New Plot in October.

Storyline: The Engineering symposium wrapped up with a little personal time with the Romulan cadet. So the romlulan went missing for a short period of time. DW 131 and EMH 45 however went missing for significantly longer, and it looks (To the Cromwell crew) that their programs were scrambled and they are dead. (Sorry Phoenix, you may be stuck with them!)

Jinx and Banor try and break the encryption for secured admiralty information, and are partially successful.

Cromwell has a new assignment, and after loading the new cadets aboard, she traveled to Eridi III. This came up in two clues- both lead to there. A Romulan intell document, stolen from a DFA Intel admiral reporting unusual Romulan activity and secret message from Subcommander Nevala…Why the interest in this planet and what are the Romulans up to now?

An away team mission is formed with Marines, and crew of Cromwell to investigate. So far there is nothing to report.

Post(s) of the month: JP Sam and Randy 2415.10.18.01 CRMB t’Saren “Of gifts and goodbyes.”

Quotes of the month: “She’s… kinda cute,” Kreig said. Then realizing how that must have sounded, and even before the look of disgust could show on Shran’s face, he quickly said, “I only mean, in my culture, clergy are all ugly old people. The young ones are all closeted away until they’re… not young anymore. : Randy to … Randy. (Way to go Randy!)

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