Cromwell Monthly Report for July 2015

Storyline: Lolani, an Orion Slave Girl, is creating a rift in Cromwell and how to respond to her. The crew remained reserved much of the time, until Commander MarQ locked the crew in the conference room. The discussions became much more lively then.

The debate had several facets. Did DFA law apply to Lolani, property of someone else? Would returning her prevent a war over her ownership with the Romulans? Could Asylum be granted because of risk to her life? Can you disobey a direct order from DFA Command to turn her over to prevent a war? Many questions were raised, but not answered except through circumstance.

Actions taken will create unintended consequences, and as Jek was beamed off the ship, he in turn kidnapped Lolani, to take her away. Cromwell began a pursuit, as did a pair of D’Deridex battleships, each closing in to capture Jek and Lolani. But Lolani surprised Jek. In bringing her aboard, and immediately leaving the scene, it gave Lolani the opportunity to sabotage the engines, and implode them, destroying Jek, herself and the ship.

A spark that could have ignited a Romulan DFA incident and potentially a war was averted. The cost of the unintended consequences are too early to tell though.

Cromwell starts a new adventure this month.

This last adventure was based on a fan based “TV” series. I have no affiliation with, and claim no creative contribution to series, but I hope you check out the original, and consider supporting another form of fan fiction. I thought the episode was so well done, I wanted to run it for the Cromwell crew. You can see the original here:

Star Trek Continues is a fan based series, Lolani is an excellent example of what can be done, and done well. Their website is below.

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