DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for January 2016

Eridi III is left with a forcefield wall, erected by the DFA Engineers, led by Jinx, in order to keep the remaining Zombies at bay in the southern part of the continent. Manned by a contingent of Marines, as long as no Galdalorians head south, the separation should protect the Galdalorian population in the north. A monitoring satellite is set up in orbit to watch for unintended landings on the southern continent. If the landing party is inoculated against Mintakan flu, it will provide immunity from the infectious prions carried by the zombies. It does not protect against the physically destructive zombies, always on the prowl for prey to eat.

Major Reynolds and Commander MarQ are placed into isolation, given the attack on them by Zombies, in the process of acquiring a Zombie test subject for Dr Shran. That left Lieutenant Adams, Re S’Hirt and Marines to defend the wall while medical worked out the details.

Dr’s Shran, Krieg, EMH1 and a new Kzinti Doctor worked with Dr Argo of the Galdalorians, to figure out how the Zombie infection worked, how it was transmitted, and why Cromwell crew did not get infectedm but Galdalorians invariably transformed. (NRPG: Well done Medical Staff on figuring out (what I considered) a difficult puzzle!)

Meanwhile Engineering had their own Puzzle to solve, and they are closing in on that solution too…

Cromwell’s malfunctions are nearly solved. T’Thel, Jinx, DW 179 are working to identify the power source, the vectors and timing of the effects of the malfunctions that have been plaguing Cromwell for the last four months…Only two pieces of the puzzle remain…Who did this, and where is the machinery to accomplish this? To add insult to injury, It is looking more and more like the Galdalorians are the source, and this after the DFA rescue of 2/3 of the planets population from Galdalorian zombies..

Cromwell sets sail for new horizons. She is to meet Borderlands RSE S’Task for escort to the heart of the Romulan Empire. What will this encounter lead to? Stay tuned for the S’Task and Cromwell Crossover!

NRPG: I decided not to completely solve the zombie problem. This opens the possibility of others landing on the planet, either purposely or unintentionally. The Zombie Apocalypse lives. I can provide details if you need them to run any sort of adventure. I worked to carefully keep zombies in the Star Trek Realm of Science Fiction, and not just undead used to frighten moviegoers.

Player(s) of the month: Randy and Piper. Only these two could have made quarantine interesting, and Ping Pong into a combat encounter!

Post(s) of the month: I am grateful for everyone who posted to boost Cromwell’s numbers back to normal levels.

Quote(s) of the month: “What is…” he looked at the PaDD again, “McCormick black pepper coarse ground?” Banor asked looking at Jinx again. Piper as Banor, decoding jinx’s distracting ‘secret recipe’.

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