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You have just discovered the home of the Star Trek: Borderlands PBEM-RPG Community!  We have been an active roleplay group for more than 20 years.  And we have been recognized for our unique design by Ongoing Worlds which gives out awards to one club, one game, and one person each year.   This is what they had to say about US:



2015 Winner!

Facilitating the Community Experience: Star Trek: Borderlands (club)

Star Trek BorderlandsStar Trek: Borderlands has been running continuously since 1995, making it one of the longest-running Star Trek roleplaying clubs on the net.  Its unique Duty Stationorganizational structure allows members to seamlessly move between different environments and role playing opportunities, leading to a robust exchange of ideas and information among its member players.  Its linked, yet free storylines allow for highly creative stories across the entire club.  All of this plus its volunteer leadership structure combine to create a robust community experience quite different from most other Internet-based role playing clubs.  This resulting open and collaborative community is no doubt one of several elements responsible for Borderland’s extraordinary longevity and high quality.


We couldn’t be happier about such good press from such a reputable site!  

So yes…there are plenty of Play by Forum, Play by Post, and Play by Email games on the internet and many of them are Star Trek games.  And maybe you’re considering about joining one of them.  May I make a suggestion?  How about Star Trek:  Borderlands?

Let me tell you something:  

Writing in a Star Trek Sim is fun, it’s engaging, and it’s easy.  Yes, it’s easy!  Especially when you have a group of people who are dedicated to creating that experience with detail and heart.

STAR TREK: BORDERLANDS offers several role play opportunities, since we have 6 game environments to choose from and a dedicated support team ready to assist you.  But we are only as good as our players and that my friend means, WE NEED YOU!

We offer a 20+ year success story, with backstory material filled with richness and depth.   And you can add to that.  Become part of the story.  Become part of Star Trek: Borderlands.  

Click HERE to check out all of our groups on a single page .  Then once you’re done, ask yourself what role you want to play on any of the starships or station choices we have available.   We’re waiting to assist you to begin your adventure.



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