USS Discovery Report – June, 2015

While Captain MacLaren and Commander Katt negotiate with Rajec, Lt. Dante works with Captain Reynolds and the USS Curie to extract the Brexat team from outside engineering, replacing it with the Curie’s Security forces.  Little do they know that, on the Bridge, Captain MacLaren has experienced a telepathic connection with Rajec and has come to an understanding of what the Brexat need to survive: transport to their sacred spawning ground.  Rajec also reveals that they have had exposure to humans before and shows MacLaren a vision of a human male in a strange, spherical stasis pod aboard their vessel. They make arrangements for the Curie to deliver the Brexat to their Spawning ground and transport the Pod to Discovery for further investigation.  
Commander Katt has reservations about the Captain’s decision to trust Rajec.  They ultimately decide to go forward with the plan, choosing to trust the visions Rajec shared with Captain MacLaren to be free of malice.  
Behind the scenes:
We’re excited to have new players Sam and Skylar with us.  Both are gifted writers and will bring new variety to Discovery!
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CO, USS Discovery

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