USS Discovery Report – Jan. 2015

MacLaren and Patras continue to discuss their relationship, Lina’s boredom and Liam’s promotion. The conversation becomes heated when Liam suggests he has an idea to make things more legit, making their situation more permanent. Lina interprets his idea as her either leaving or giving up her duties. In a shocking turn of events, he asks Lina to marry him. Even more shocking, perhaps more to herself than to him, she agrees.
Meanwhile during the blackout, Lt. Grant manages to restore communications (mostly). Lt. Dante keeps busy trying to keep the crew calm and from using up what’s left of the rapidly depleting oxygen. 
Lt. Patras and Pericles set off to find Lauren Grant only to find the young girl taking her job of hall monitor very seriously and doing a fantastic job at it.
In Engineering, Lt. Bell finds himself suffering from the effects of oxygen deprivation. Lt. Grant arrives in Engineering to find an influx of crew members arriving to assist in the search for the faulty power relay. Bell points them in the right directions, as Grant divides the volunteers into appropriate teams and assigns them to designated decks and sections. Lt. Bell takes the more experienced officers into the Jefferies Tubes to investigate the more intricate subsystems and hopefully find the cause in time to restore power and save the crew from a bitter end.
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Respectfully submitted,
Caleb Van Scott
CO, USS Discovery

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