USS Discovery Monthly Report for September 2016

planet Hasai, the negotiations between the Hasai and the Lunarians seems to have come to a halt. Captain MacLaren and Commander Katt are getting nowhere with the leader of the Lunarians who has them held captivity while war rages outside the confines of the city. Lt. Dante remains injured with the Lunarian leader, Charnall, seemingly unwilling to give her the medical treatment she requires.

The team at the collapsed mine have escaped the mine shaft where they were trapped, however, Dr. Armus feels obligated to return to the mine to look for survivors.

Onboard Discovery, Lt. Bell, Jet McCarris and Ensign Sarix find the dampening field on Hasai that is keeping them from contacting the away team and blocking the sensor scans of the surface. They are able to boost the sensors enough to punch through the field and see the fighting that is happening below. While Lt. Nadacic formulates a plan to take out the generators powering the dampening field, Lt. Bell, having assumed command, grows concerned for the population of the surrounding areas as well as the away team and begins to consider other methods of retrieving the away team.

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