USS Discovery Monthly Report for November 2015

On the planet of Mneventhia, Lt. Bell is successful in restoring power to the abandoned settlement. His next step is to restore communications with Discovery. The away team is beginning to feel the effects of the cold and is thankful for the restored power and heat. Dr. Armus continues to suffer from hypothermia and his condition is beginning to worsen.

Outside of the establishment, Lt. Dante and Ensign Nadacic begin to search for the missing settlers. Upon finding what they believe to be the staging area for the groups Exodus, the two commandeer a vehicle left behind by said settlers and begin the journey toward the mountains that could be where they had fled to seek refuge, but from what is still a mystery.

Aboard Discovery, Captain MacLaren becomes impatient at the lack of contact with the away team. Protocol dictates that he wait longer before risking more lives in an unknown situation. Rather than break protocol, Liam enlists the help of their passenger from the future, Jet McCarris, to travel to the planet surface in the Time Sphere that he arrived in and track down the away team. Upon his departure from the ship, Jet inadvertently attracts the attention of the Gardok and begins a fiery descent to the planet surface in search of the away team, but unaware of what really awaits him below.

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