USS Discovery Monthly Report for March 2016

With Lt. Dante’s security concerns satisfied, the crew is unleashed on Rexlan IV to enjoy some much deserved Shore Leave. Most of the crew begins to visit the planet with a skeleton crew staying aboard to maintain standard operations.

MacLaren begins to enjoy the beach and beverages with some of the other officers, while Dr. Armus takes advantage of the social engagements offered by the resort planet.

Lt. Patras, Lt. Raiger and Dr. Vashic take a more daring approach to relaxing with the paragliding offered on Rexlan.

After an exhilarating free-fall experience, Patras proposes the idea of pushing up the date and having her and MacLaren’s wedding on Rexlan during shore leave.

Lt. Bell convinces Jet McCarris to visit the planet for some fun. While on the surface, Jet begins to notice some inconsistencies in the timeline. Bell eventually decides to humor him, though he’s not convinced of the validity of his concerns. However, Bell, too, begins to experience some Deja Vu feelings that may support McCarris’ concerns.

Behind closed doors, certain members of the administration of Rexlan IV begin to discuss their mysterious and devious plan for the crew of the USS Discovery….

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