USS Discovery Monthly Report for June 2016

With the majority of the crew inoculated from the mind altering affects of the chemical agent on Rexlan IV, the Discovery prepares to depart and check in with Starfleet medical to get a complete evaluation of any lasting affects from their encounter. Captain MacLaren leaves the investigation of Rexlan IV in the hands of Captain Lambert and the USS Arbalest.

The rest of the crew falls back into business as usual, with frequent checkups with Dr. Armus as well as having to sort out the many awkward situations they had fallen into on Rexlan with their inhibitions lowered, many of which would undoubtedly have lasting affects.

After being cleared for duty as a whole, The Discovery departs for planet Hasai, to engage in negotiations between it’s inhabitants and the inhabitants of one of their moons, Lunari, to attempt to come to a mutual understanding that will usher in a peace between the two peoples that both feel to be the rightful heirs of Hasai’s rich natural resources.

The crew finds themselves on the comfortable world of Hasai, beginning to experience disturbing dreams. Little do they know, this is only the beginning of what is to come…..

Out of Game:

Discovery welcomes Callib to the crew, playing new Operations Officer, Sarix. We are happy to have him aboard!

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