USS Discovery Monthly Report for July 2015

After the encounter with the Brexat, Discovery limps to spacedock for much needed repairs. Before arriving, Communications receives an automated distress call from a nearby world. After reporting the call to Starfleet command, Captain MacLaren is surprised at the response to expedite Discovery’s repairs so they can return and investigate the situation on the Ice world of Mneventhia.

Lt. Bell coordinates with the repair facility and the repairs are made, allowing the ship leave promptly and make it’s way to Mneventhia.

Meanwhile, medical continues to tend to Jet, the human passenger acquired from the Brexat. With his memory all but vanished, they begin assess his physical condition while Science and Engineering examine the POD that he arrived in for any additional information that might help determine where and when he came from.

Behind the scenes:

We are pleased to welcome Heather back and with her, CMO Jack Armus!

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