USS Discovery Monthly Report for January 2017

Upon receiving the report of a Spacial Anomaly near Starbase Phoenix shortly before communications with the Station went silent, Discovery is dispatched to investigate. On arrival, the Anomaly is detected and it is discovered that the Starbase is nowhere to be found. While taking scans of the Anomaly, Science realizes that the distance is closing between it and the ship. An attempt is made to avoid it, but the ship ultimately ends up passing through the Anomaly and being transported to an alternate universe, unbenounced to the crew who have transitioned to this Universe’s version of themselves, where life as normal resumes for the crew.

In the alternate universe, Discovery is on approach to Starbase Phoenix, which is present in this Universe. The stop at Starbase is for needed supplies as well as taking on new crew, one of which will fill the roll of a much needed member of the Senior Staff.

Though an initial sense of confusion was present when the transition occurred, the crew has settled into their alternate roles….for now….

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