USS Discovery Monthly Report for February 2016

In the wake of the Mission on the frozen Mneventhia, Discovery heads for shore leave on Rexlan IV, a beautiful resort planet with sunshine and sand beaches, quite the opposite of the frozen destination from where they came.

On the way, the crew spends some quality time in the Lounge enjoying food, drink and one another’s company. Jet McCarris continues to get to know the crew, embracing his existence in this time period and his new induction to Starfleet Academy as well as his internship at helm aboard Discovery.

Lt. Brull visits the holodeck with Ensign Alenis, subjecting her to the most authentic night on the town as a Klingon that the simulation can provide.

Lt. Dane has her reservations about their Shore Leave destination, bringing to the Captain’s attention multiple vessels that have disappeared after visiting the planet. Captain MacLaren gives her free reign to investigate the surroundings before letting the crew loose to enjoy the facilities offered.

MacLaren throws a surprise party to commemorate Commander Katt’s new promotion, with her family on board as very special guests.

Captain MacLaren engages in a round of target practice on the weapons range with Ensign Nadacic, offering him a permanent position as Chief Tactical Officer, as well as the promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade that comes with it, which he accepts with honor.

Out of Game:

We are happy to welcome back Michael, reprising his role as Chief Science Officer, Lt. Raiger!

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