USS Discovery Monthly Report for December 2016

With the dampening fields deactivated on Hasai, The Astir and Discovery are able to extract the Captain and the rest of the away team before they are made casualties or war for the Lunarian’s cause.

In a shocking turn of events, the second in command for the Lunarians, Bartann, turns his weapon on fellow Lunarian to save Lt. Patras. With their leader dead, Bartann is left with the responsibility of sorting out the future for the Lunarian and Hasai relations.

Back on Discovery, Medical teams rush to tend to Lt. Raiger and Lt. Dante’s injuries, but the time that Dante spent untreated on the planet caused her condition grow serious. With the severity of her injuries beyond the ship’s treatment capabilities, she is transferred to a medical facility more suited to treating her. In lieu of her absence, Lt. Brull is promoted to Chief of Security.

With the crew dealing with the aftermath of losing one of their own, Counselor Alenis keeps busy with regular appointments as well as tending to personal matters with Doctor Armus as they embark on their first official date.

MacLaren and Patras discuss their future wedding when Patras seems to be concerned that their engagement is stalled. Liam eventually convinces her that nothing has changed and the wedding plans will continue.

Captain MacLaren promotes Ensign Alenis to Lt. JG.

Doctor Armus and Captain MacLaren share a personal meeting over a bottle of Scotch that Armus has been saving. MacLaren takes the opportunity to convince the Doctor of his value to the crew, stapling this with his promotion to full Lieutenant.

The annual Holiday party commences in Ten Forward as the entire crew attends the festivities.

Behind the Scenes:

December ended strong despite the interruption of the holidays. We now prepare for our crossover with Starbase Phoenix that we have been looking forward to. With the lag between the end of the last mission and the start of the next, I’m happy to see the crew filling the space with side plots and stories of their own design.

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