USS Discovery Monthly Report for December 2015

On planet Mneventhia, Jet McCarris lands in the Time Sphere to begin his search for the away team. Attracted to the energy signature from his vessel, Gardok follows him and attempts to drain the vessel of it’s power. On the surface, the planet’s inhabitants, the Spire Sentinels, witness the return of the beast and come to the aid of Mr. McCarris. An army of giant, frozen beings quickly assembles, and after a brief but inspiring battle cry, the Sentinels usher Jet to safety and begin the onslaught against the Gardok.

Meanwhile, Jet heads off in the direction of the mountains, indicated by the head Sentinel, Glarr. He quickly finds Lt. Dante and Ensign Nadacic on the verge of finding the colonist’s new refuge. Upon locating them, they must convince the frightened colonists that they have come to rescue them and that the intimidating Sentinel’s are not to be feared and are not responsible for the attack on their settlement that forced them to flee to the mountains.

Meanwhile on Discovery, Jet’s progress is tracked by the Bridge crew, though are still out of communications with the away team.

Apart from the current timeline, the manager of the new lounge, Ya Jung-Sook, throws an exciting Holiday party for the crew. There is food, drink and among other festivities, singing of some traditional Earth songs. Lt. Brull discusses with Ensign Alenis the intricacies of Klingon culture and traditions, offering to have her accompany him to a Holodeck simulation at a later time.

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