USS Discovery Monthly Report for August

After completing repairs at spacedock and taking on new crew, including the much needed ship’s counselor, Discovery arrives at Mneventhia to investigate the distress call they received. Upon arrival, they receive no response from the surface and decide to send down a search party. Given the harsh conditions on the planet, the transporters are deemed unreliable. In light of this revelation, they decide to reach the surface by shuttlecraft. Lt. Bell then makes adjustment to the shuttle to be able to endure the cold temperatures, and the away team leaves for the surface.

While on the flight to the surface of Mneventhia, the shuttle encounters a creature from the surface, Gardok, that is attempting to feed on the shuttle’s energy. The creature succeeds in draining most of the shuttle’s energy before turning it’s sites on the Discovery and her wealth of energy to feed on.

The shuttle begins to plummet to the surface while Bell attempts to restore power for Lt. Patras to land the shuttle with. The shuttle ultimately crash lands on the surface with the help of emergency power. The crew survives, though not without their injuries. While the medical staff begins to treat the injured, Commander Katt along with Lt. Dante begin to surmise what the best course of action would now be considering their situation and the harsh cold outside of the shuttle.

Meanwhile on Discovery, the strange passenger with amnesia from the future, Jet McCarris, continues to learn more about himself when the Discovery experiences a brief power fault from their own encounter with the Gardok, unbenounced to them, and the ship begins to spin out of control. With the helmsman injured in the attack, Jet instinctively takes the CONN and
brings the ship back under control.

The new counselor, Ensign Alenis Kala, begins to find her place aboard and get to know the crew.

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