USS Discovery Monthly Report for August 2016

On Planet Hasai, Captain MacLaren, Commander Katt, Counselor Alenis remain held captive by the Lunarians in what was supposed to be a negotiation for peace between the planet and it’s moon. Unknown what has transpired outside of the conference room with explosions being heard, the officers continue in their attempt to keep both sides calm while they careful weave through both sides of the story in attempt to ascertain what the best course of action would be. Commander Katt carefully leads the conversation in a way to decipher what the next phase of the Lunarian’s plan might be.

In the mine shaft entrance, Lieutenant Patras, Doctor Armus and Lunarian First Lieutenant Bartann discuss the options for escape in lieu of the explosion caused by the Hasai tour guide which sealed the mine. Bartann steers the conversation away from the Lunarians trapped below and encourages them to evacuate. Armus expresses his true feelings for Bartann’s lack of sympathy for the victims of the cave-in and vows to rescue them at all costs. The group decides the best course of action is to climb the shaft to the surface where they can enlist the help of Discovery to evacuate the survivors of the cave-in.

Onboard Discovery, the crew is operating as normal, having no knowledge of the events below.

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