USS Discovery Monthly Report for April 2017

The Discovery has left Starbase Phoenix after being restocked with supplies and crew, one of which being a brand new Cadet that is no stranger to the ship, Lauren Grant. Doctor Vashic and Lt. Shralas along with Captain MacLaren continue to investigate the phenomenon with Jet McCarris in sickbay, trying to identify the reasoning for his fading from reality. The effects of the anomaly becoming strangely apparent, now beginning to fade as the ship returns to normal space, the crew is getting back to normalcy, while experiencing a lingering impression that something WAS amiss. All have moved forward, getting back to duty as it should be albeit with a strange sense that something unusual has happened, something they may never truly understand, almost like a fading dream that has become a mere cloudy recollection.

Behind the scenes:

We are continuing to wrap up our side plots that are still coasting in preparation for the next mission that is being finalized in the background. We’re happy to welcome Sam back with Cadet Lauren Grant as our new Cadet Infiltration Specialist.

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