SES S’Task Monthly Report for January 2016

Nala has been cleared! The cloud that has hung over her for months, with the potential death sentence, is now gone, and she is vindicated. She was found ‘culpable but with mitigating circumstances’ on lesser charges, including assault on a superior officer and insubordination, but sentenced to time served. There were so many plots, contingency plots, and back up contingency plots in play… It made all our heads spin. She didn’t trust the system, however, and ended up misjudging her poisoning of herself – despite taking antidote afterwards – and ended up in sickbay, thus missing most of her own party.

Young t’Saren is truly coming into her own, and now doing some light-weight espionage work. mostly by barraging our Starfleet Lt with multiple Shakespearean sexual innuendoes.

And we gained a new do. Good thing. This ship tends to keep docs quite busy.

And now, on to meet the Cromwell.

NRPG: We added a new player in Jacqueline. Welcome aboard!!

POST(s) OF THE MONTH: There were several nominations for both POTM and QOTM and player of the month. Posting was fantastic in January, up to a level not seen since March of 2014, in fact, and again, this included some long JPs which, if played in realtime rather than bounced back and forth, would have pushed that total closer to 250. Fantastic writing in January by ever single member of our crew. Absolutely fantastic. So the choices this month were very hard. There were so many to choose from.

2416.01.25.02 STSK Lumper “Well, then tell me….”
– Jo and Sam. This is not so much a post, as a series of posts, which ended with the one listed. Fantastic interplay between an ingenue and a German/Betazoid still trying to figure out the pointy-eared devils. Nice character development.

“Then you have a strange way of treating your friends, t’Khellian,” he shot back through gritted teeth.
– I’ve somehow lost the original post. I think it was Dri, as N’Vek. Or was it Sam, as Tyr?


“For now, it was best to relish the victory here… it’s simple elegance so very… t’Pal.”
Sam, as Tyr, internal dialogue

Again, a tie (hey, cut me some slack. There was soooo much good to choose from)

Devon. Again, for his portrayal of a sacrificing Nala, whose intent at sacrifices aren’t being accepted well, but who, in the end, did not have to sacrifice.
Sam, for his portrayal of Khara. Who gets the difference (as well as the similarities) between humans and Rihannsu.

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