SES S’Task Monthly Report for February 2016

The S’Task ventured into DFA space to meet with the Cromwell, to escort the DFA ship to the Twin Homeworlds so that one a DFA officer and a Rihannsu officer could become bonded. There are similarities between the DFA and the Rihannsu. And there are differences. So early in the trip, the crews are struggling to pretend the differences are less than they are and the similarities are greater than they are in an effort not to simply throw protocol to the wind and annihilate each other. So far, that’s working. Mostly. Captain Sesgaard of the Cromwell came alone to meet with erei’Riov t’Pal of the S’Task and the two had a very pleasant meeting. Dinner aboard the Cromwell ensued. And so far, all knives have remained sheathed. Except for a few verbal ones. The least willing to hold his tongue is, not surprisingly, Tyr tr’Saren, Commander of the Legion. Yet even he has remained mostly polite. He has misbehaved only slightly – and that, likely, simply so he could earn a spanking from his CO later.

The Cromwell crew has been most hospitable. Making the S’Task crew wonder what they have up their sleeve. And that, as they say, is the Rihannsu perspective to Devon’s summary given previously.

POST(s) OF THE MONTH: There were so very, very many good ones to choose from, and in the spirit of a joint venture, they were often blended. The final nod, however, goes to a S’Task only post, which was actually a backpost.

2416.02.04.01 STSK N’Vek/Tyr JP “Legionnaires 101”
– A great JP from Dri and Sam, some very Rihannsu moments, prompting me to recall Commander Susan Ivanova’s phrase (for those of you old enough to remember Babylon 5), “This is why testosterone should be a controlled substance.”


=/\= Exactly. Yet, if we present him with an overwhelming number of individuals, all we will do is look…. what’s that human word? Silly? =/\= (Celeste t’Pal)

A dead Riov would make them all look… Silly. =\/= What is your wish Riov? =\/= Damn, nailed that right out of the starting gate. A perfect Rihannsu response. And it came naturally. (Nala t’Khellian)

From Devon. Devon has done a masterful job of playing both the DFA captain, and Nala t’Khellian, S’Task’s Chief of Operations, who has something of a respect/hate relationship with the captain. It’s been quite fun watching him write one paragraph from the captain’s perspective, then a second where the COO rips him to shreds. Internally, of course. She’s far too reserved to speak those things aloud. Usually.


Sam – for his portrayal of Tyr, who has kept everyone – DFA and RSE – honest and on their toes.

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