Starbase Phoenix Report – Apr. 2015

Synopsis:  With Captain Tora Edon captured by pirates for information gathering to a mysterious shadow entity and randsom later down the road the crew of Starbase Phoenix is left reeling.  After a senior staff meeting within an hour of the dissapearance the crew banded together like never before, older timers and new, to launch an investigation which discovered the likely suspects to Edon’s capture.

Meanwhile Captain Tora sits in a gore strewn cell, interogated by a monsterous humanoid of unknown origon with a sadistic side as unrelenting at his torture techniques.  With dark technology capable of stopping Tora’s heart cold and keeping the body tissue from necrotising and bringing Edon back to life several hours later, the pirate captain Qarth is slowly but surely extracting codes and information from the good Captain.

Recognizing that help was needed to get Captain Tora back the executive officer of Phoenix, Thomas Hughes, enlisted the help of the crew of the civilian ship Seiklon Axel to track down the pirates who is now known to have captured and is now using a Promethius class vessel origonally outfitted for long range recon of the space surrounding Phoenix.  With a contingeant of Marines and Security forces on board the Seiklon Axel has made contact with the hijacked USS Picatiny and now are staged on the doorstep of finding the Captain.

Posting History:  Mar. -156,  Apr. – 115
Report Submitted by 
Alexander Bade
XO, Starbase Phoenix

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