Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for September

We have had some of our number return to active status. Some of them have returned with new characters as well as new ideas. With the recent announcements, we have even been able to account for the loss of our CO. We will be launching a new plot in the next week or so, and hope to incorporate all the ideas and creativity our members have.

As the current ranking officer on the DS:
I would be amiss if I did not recognize all the members of Phoenix for an outstanding month. We had some (re)introduction posts that were truly phenomenal. We also had some character building posts that were equally exciting to read.

Medical has grown with the addition of an outdated EMH. The current task of updating the EMH, with the assistance of the CME will prove to be daunting.
The new XO has made available a memo to the ambassadorial staff to address the sudden absence of Tora Edon and diplomatic channels are to be touched to determine if the captain will return anytime soon.
The XO is also taking time to build alliances within the heads of departments to determine who he can and who he cannot trust.

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