Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for October

Our new plot has kicked off and we have some rogue holograms on board as well as the Scrib. (Thanks Rich for this new species, they are proving very interesting to deal with) As one problem is resolved, another arises bringing another set of problems with it.
Almost everyone is involved with this current plot (As shown by the highest posting numbers in some time) And I hope this trend continues as this plot progresses and future plots are introduced.

Special thanks to Devon for guest hosting this plot line and Heather for kicking this one off and driving it for us.


As we have visiting individuals, the Quote of the Month is attributed to Dev, from the post
[Starbase Phoenix] 2415.10.12.02 Paul “He went that away officers.”

“I need access to your primary power regulator.” Chak barked as he opened his bag and produced a very offensive looking tool.

“Oh, Oh my.” said Paul, his eyes going rather big, and blushing. “That looks like.. something one would find in the back of Devna’s comfort cafe.”

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